Fix Matka Controversies That Brought Up Good Advertisement

A famous man once said ‘there’s nothing like negative publicity and we couldn’t agree more. The controversies related to Fix Matka made the game even more popular. 

These controversies led the game to several people who were not aware of it at all. The death of the game operator shook the Satta Matka 

world and it takes a lot to revive from that moment. However, the game and its popularity defeated all the odds making it the number 1 lottery game.

Fix Matka is one of the oldest lottery games in India as it was started in 1987 by an operator known as ‘KJ’. It was started purely as a sports 

the betting game just to entertain people around Mumbai. It was very popular back then and Delhi, UP and Gujarat cities were not aware of this game at all.

Over time, the popularity of this game has grown so much that it attracted so many people to play online. But, with the increase in popularity also comes the rise 

the number of controversies related to the game. There are so many controversies attached to this game that it made the game more popular for all gamblers out there.

The people who were not aware of the game at all got introduced to it by reading these controversies. Some of the controversies 

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that brought up good publicity for this game include fake lottery scams, fake lottery scams busted, the cheating woman run over by a car, etc.

Fix Matka is the number one game in India and it has gained immense popularity over the years. It has gained so many fans that they are no less than a fan of any Bollywood celebrity. 

And, Fix Matka has gained so many controversies over the years that one can’t decide which is more important. However, some controversies are important

Fix Matka underwent a major crisis for which many people were not aware of the reason. Let us walk you through a few of the controversies that lead to the growth of the Fix Matka even more.

The First Controversy Surrounding Fix Matka

Fix Matka was first established in 1986 by the original name of ‘Matka Gurnar’. The first controversy surrounded the founder of this game who was back then an independent contractor selling his services to various lottery companies.

The game was created by an individual named Tirumala Rao who was running the game in his underground way for almost two decades. 

He first started the game in the year 1998 and it grew rapidly to be one of the favorite games among people who were into online lottery betting. 

The game began to gain popularity among people mainly due to its simplicity. It is a very simple game, just the way it is played, there are no hidden rules or strategies involved.

The Controversy Of Fix Matka And The Bollywood Connection

This occurred in the year 1995-96. The then chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mulayam Singh Yadav, had banned Satta Matka in Uttar Pradesh. 

It was not a new thing as many other states had already banned it. But, the ban was not only on the game but on its king Shri Haji Mastan as well. 

He lost his license to run an agency and he was asked to leave the state after which he moved to Mumbai and started his business anew.

One of the most popular games in India is Satta Matka, which is essentially a game of Bollywood. People can win many jackpots of gold coins if they can Satta the right number of films. 

But, the most important thing is that the game is very easy to play if you have any knowledge about movies. And, this is exactly what makes it more popular among the people of India.

It was during the time of the release of the movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ that some of the Bollywood stars claimed that one can contact them by dialing a number. 

People who dialed this number were informed that they must deposit 500 rupees to be connected to their favorite star. However, 

people were not aware of the fact that movie stars took part in this scam. But, it was soon revealed by the media that it was none other than Salman Khan.

Furthermore, most of these lottery games are hosted by Bollywood celebrities on TV. On top of that, there are several instances when Bollywood celebrities sheepishly promoted Fix Matka and various other lottery games. 

The industry became so huge that most of these lottery games are having a countless number of ads on social media, as well as on TV.

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